A Warm Welcome to all our Parents and Students


We are in a very interesting time, where education is witnessing a paradigm shift and welcoming novel methods of learning. Undoubtedly, it is not without the resilience and hard work of our students, parents and teachers. It is with their unconditional support and zeal to continue education; we could sail through rough tides. I am energized and deeply committed to bringing about positive changes and improvements. 


As an educator, I am inspired by the success and evolution of every student. I am excited to share my passion, enthusiasm and experience to foster a distinguished educational approach through Amity Private School Sharjah. While high academic achievement is a priority, the school aims to create a community of well-rounded individuals who are compassionate and confident.


Facilitating our students to be independent thinkers while instilling values is a priority, yet our primary focus is holistic development and paying heed to the social and emotional well- being of our students and staff. We, at Amity Private School Sharjah believe that each child entrusted to us will receive education in its finest form. Learning is a lifelong process, and all students and teachers are challenged to exceed their own expectations. We nurture and prepare generations of individuals, the torchbearers of tomorrow who believe in the strength of their own convictions and take pride in their individuality. 


I strongly believe that every student deserves quality education, and this is possible when the school and parents come together for the best interests of students. 


Let us support our young learners to create a strong, responsible and safe future ahead.


Sincerely yours,


Ms. Archana Sagar


Amity Private School Sharjah


Facilitating our students to be independent thinkers while instilling values is a priority

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Campus & facilities

Ideally located in the Muwailih School Zone, the school is spread across 8 acres with modern buildings and state-of-the-art facilities, each built and operated to drive forward our leadership culture and the strong and proven Amity Education ideologies.


Mission & Values

Our mission is to provide a safe and healthy environment for balanced academic progress. We strive to develop knowledgeable, well informed communicators with a drive to become future leaders.


Our Curriculum

Our programme is designed to encourage innovation and develop unique experiences for all of our students, moulding them to rise to the challenges of the 21st Century. 


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