Discover Amity Private School Sharjah

Ideally located in the Muwailih School Zone, the school is spread across 8 acres with modern buildings and state-of-the-art facilities, each built and operated to drive forward our leadership culture and the strong and proven Amity Education ideologies.


The campus is built keeping the safety and comfort of the children as a prime priority. It is an environment that endeavours to provide a clean, healthy, happy atmosphere conducive to the all-round development of the child, and consists of:


1. Primary School (Pre KG - 5th Grade)

2. Middle School (Grades 6 - 8)

3. Senior School (Grades 9 - 12)


The School is easily accessible from Sharjah, Ajman and Dubai.


Infrastructure and facilities


The campus is air-conditioned with modern, comfortable, suitably equipped and designed facilities for specific learning needs. Some of the highlights of our infrastructure include:


1. A spacious and user-friendly administration block, complete with  supervised wi-fi internet.

2. Prayer rooms, which are conveniently located and are easily accessible.

3. Large multipurpose halls, well-equipped labs, resource rooms, art studios, theatre rooms and music rooms, which sport a variety of instruments.

4. Our sports facilities include a temperature-controlled swimming pool, learners pool, covered sand pits, and a fully grassed outdoor playing field.

5. Additional facilities include outdoor and indoor courts, sports fields and shaded basketball courts.

6. Eight open quads.



Technology: a tool for learning


We believe our students’ learning experiences must reflect the world in which they live in. That’s why we ensure all students have access to laptops, so we can provide lessons in technology and design that allow children and teenagers to learn and be tech creative, while further developing new skills.  


This provides students with a wealth of information, knowledge and an understanding about the importance of the technologically driven world that awaits them.

Online Portal (OP)


An Online Learning Resource accessible through the APS website and unique to our school, the Online Portal is the place where students can acquire information to enhance their learning experiences, no matter where they are.

All students can access the portal using their own personal passcodes.

Library and Media Centre


An area designed specifically for accumulation of knowledge, the library at Amity Sharjah is a beacon that exudes a welcoming and appropriate environment and provides an extensive variety of learning resources and references in both traditional and state-of-the-art digital form.


The library boasts specific areas for reading and inquiry, housed under a well-formatted and designed placement of Publications.


Access to the library as a learning resource is attained through student cards and registration.


Information Technology (IT)


Transcending conventional methods of preparing our students for the future, technology is extensively integrated within our curriculum and is used as a learning tool from the early years at Amity Sharjah to support learning in and out of classrooms.


Students work in modern, well-equipped computer labs with access to a wealth of networked information, present in our Library and Media Centre and within the Art and Design Studio.


We encourage and use popular innovative technologies within our interactive classrooms and web-based digital learning experiences, which facilitate the concepts being conveyed through easy to decipher visuals and simulations, aimed at our students’ growth.



Amity Sharjah works with the philosophy of inclusive health, the health of the mind as well as the body; and this lifestyle is instilled into our students through their dietary habits. The school Cafeteria maintains a high standard of healthy and reasonably priced lunches, flexible and in accordance with the needs of our students at different levels.


The responsibility of the Cafeteria is handed over to a reputed caterer selected by the school specifically to maintain the utmost standards in nutrition, health and hygiene.



Our well-equipped clinics are approved by the Ministry of Health, which employs government approved nurses and visiting doctors. From administering basic first aid and treat minor illnesses to training in emergency situations, our Clinic staff are always on call during the working hours of the school.


Additionally, students receive regular check-ups involving height, weight, eye, ear and dental to ensure health and vitality throughout their time with us in Amity Sharjah.


Note: Emergency first aid is available on all school vehicles. In case of emergencies, the school will make all efforts to contact the student’s parents immediately.

Special Education Needs Department (SEND)


SEND caters to the individual need of students who experience difficulty in acquiring learning skills by framing individualised education programmes based on the identified needs of the student.


This includes a range of carefully formulated interventions including Individualized Education Plan (IEP), Individualized Learning Plan (ILP), Behaviour Modification Plan (BMP) and Informal assessments.


All programs are monitored through a system that includes extensive, in-depth and ongoing communication with parents and teachers.


We strive to promote early identification and intervention of any difficulty a student may face, which is why teachers or parents can refer students to the SEND department at any time, where they are tested professionally by our consultant special educator and educational psychologist. Once their needs are specified, our role of healing and growing at the SEND Department begins.


Note: Students undergoing SEND support will need to pay additional fees as specified in the fee policy.



We have an extensive range of laboratories within our grounds to cater to a variety of subjects, including state-of-the-art as Language Labs, Math Labs, Science Labs and Computer Labs.

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