Amity Private School, Sharjah embraces the notion that ‘schooling’ encompasses more than the learning that takes place in classrooms. We believe in a balanced education that provides students with many and varied opportunities to develop new skills and experiences beyond what they may take away from the academic programme and to make significant contributions to the community and the world beyond the school campus.


Creativity, Action and Service (CAS)


At the centre of nurturing our young students lies CAS - Creativity, Action and Service. All CAS activities are challenges which our students take up in an environment conducive to learning. Activities are planned and evaluated and goals met after goal setting.


CREATIVITY: A number of creative activities are carried out outside normal curriculum like theatre, music, dance, art, design, debate, thinking and project work.

ACTIONAPS lays a lot of stress on ‘Action’ which includes sports, and physical activity. A healthy mind needs a healthy body.

SERVICE: Teaching dignity and self-respect for others is of paramount importance on the path to becoming leaders of tomorrow, and this is done through unrequited Service.


Objective of CAS

  • Significant outcomes through activities that are purposeful.
  • Bolstering leadership qualities and skills.
  • Challenging as well as achievable tasks.
  • Outcomes which involves thought consideration, such as planning, reviewing one’s progress and reporting.
  • Personal learning goals.




Performing Arts

Theatre and music productions, choirs, bands, orchestras, dance, drama, film and photography make up the extracurricular arts program at APS.

Students are offered the opportunity to participate in numerous performances hosted at APS, as well as at camps, events and festivals held in the UAE and abroad.


Fine Arts

Fine Arts encompasses a vibrant array of visual arts and activities. The curriculum offers painting, drawing, ceramics, craft and design. All activities are led by qualified and certified instructors.


Art Animation

Students opting for this activity learn a wide range of creative arts such as collage, drawing, painting and comic storyboards. The building up of whole stories block by block is a holistic artistic experience, which combines the use of the of traditional art of drawing and colouring with technology.



Calligraphy is equivalent to scholarly cultivation. Apart from maintaining aesthetically sound handwriting, it aids students in improving their concentration and in expressing themselves more artistically.



Students who take part in pottery learn how to utilise different clay building techniques. They are encouraged to think creatively and independently and produce original and exciting works.


Music & Dance

The objective of the ‘Dance and Music Club’ is to create a vibrant melting pot of different cultures through dance, from across India and the world. The aim is to learn different forms of dance, understand and analyse the music each dance celebrates and learn to choreograph performance pieces through practice and perseverance.


Music Vocal & Instrumental

Learning to play an instrument goes beyond the sound or finesse you command over it, it taps into multiple skill sets, teaches one to be organized, enhances perseverance and coordination, enables your brain to think and operate on a deeper level as well as a host of other benefits. Qualities vital for any leader of tomorrow.



The Robotics club is an ongoing co-curricular and core activity led by students and supervised by dedicated professionals and science teachers.





The role of athletics in a school setting goes far beyond the playing field. The challenges of athletic competition complement the rigors of academics and encourage athletes to grow intellectually, socially, and physically.


The Athletic Department strives to provide a variety of opportunities to a large number of students, developing skills and sportsmanship qualities, while striving for excellence, fostering friendships and learning to work together as a team.


We offer:


  • Basketball
  • Swimming
  • Karate
  • Skating
  • Horse Riding
  • Badminton
  • Cricket
  • Soccer/Football
  • Table Tennis
  • Athletics
  • Tennis




There are Clubs that cater to wide array of student interests, with our CAS motto implemented within them.


Outdoor Learning

Farming: Opportunities are offered to students where they learn about nature, agriculture and the bountiful gifts of the Earth.


Field Trips: Organised primarily within the UAE, students explore the outside world and broaden their horizons through excursions, tours and learning events.


Student Council

At Amity Private School, Sharjah, our endeavour is to nurture leadership skills and qualities at a young age. The Student Council instils a sense of responsibility among their peers, and the members are nominated and voted for by the student body.


House System

The school is divided into four houses, each of which is led by a House Tutor, a House Captain and a House Vice Captain. Activities like Quiz, Debates, Elocution, Sports and many other events are carried out by these Houses.

These activities help bring together students of different grades, encouraging a feeling of camaraderie, compassion and healthy competition. All the activities ultimately lead up to the APS’ Seven Summits Challenge.




At Amity Private School, Sharjah, we aim to raise globally responsible, sensitised and socially conscience citizens. That’s why we encourage services that benefit the national and international community, instilling compassion and thoughtfulness in all our students.


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