At Amity Private School, Sharjah, our mission is to provide a safe and healthy environment for balanced academic progress. We strive to develop knowledgeable, well informed communicators with a drive to become future leaders.


All members of the school are collaborative with the parent community and multicultural society at large to provide our students an open-minded learning environment.


Our Vision

Our vision sees each child involved in the curriculum to become inquirers who are reflective, creative risk takers, growing up to become global citizens and leaders with a better understanding to cope with any hurdles they may encounter in their future endeavours.


Creating a better tomorrow

By encouraging students to be enthusiastic and competent through excellent instruction and a challenging curriculum, they develop and garner self-respect, respect for others and qualities of leadership and ingenuity that’s an inspiration to those around them.


The Amity graduate

Equipped with knowledge, empathy and leadership skills, the APS graduate displays mannerisms and abilities that reflect respect, courtesy and perseverance.


They believe ingenuity, hard work and cooperation are the cornerstones of success, traits that help them attain a personality that displays kindness, self-reliance and a determination towards their goals.




Did you know?
Students are more likely to be happy and enjoy school if they develop into intellectually and socially
confident individuals.


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