Our well-equipped clinics are approved by the Ministry of Health, which employ government approved nurses and visiting doctors. From administering basic first aid and treat minor illnesses to training in emergency situations, our clinic staff are always on call during the working hours of the school.


Additionally, students receive regular check-ups involving height, weight, eye, ear and dental to ensure health and vitality throughout their time with us in APSS.


First aid is available on all school vehicles.


For emergency cases we further have access to hospitals located near our campuses for optimal arrival time and care. It’s imperative to note that in case of an emergency, the school makes all efforts to contact parents immediately.




To comply with Ministry regulations, we ask that you submit a copy of your child’s updated vaccination record to our school nurse.


Meet our senior leadership team

Our leadership team work together closely and collaboratively to ensure our students receive an excellent education.


Our Transport System

Our transportation offers multiple routes covering approximately 80% of the areas in which students reside. 


Pastoral Care

We believe in a balanced education that provides students with many and varied opportunities to develop new skills and experiences beyond what they may take away from the academic programme.


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