Everything you need for a successful admission

To apply to Amity Private School Sharjah, you will need the following:


  1. Print out of the online registration form submitted by you.
  2. Photocopy of the birth certificate.
  3. Passport copy with valid residence visa page or the application for visa.
  4. Copy of emirates ID or the copy of application for emirates id.
  5. Six RECENT passport size photographs of the student and 1 passport size photograph each of the parents.
  6. Immunization record of the student.
  7. Passport and emirates ID for both parent and child required


To successfully enrol in our school in Sharjah, UAE parents must ensure that the Transfer Certificate taken from the last attended school is not more than one month old and is attested from the relevant authorities.


In this section, we answer all your questions to help ensure you have the correct documents on your first submission.


Transfer Certificate Requirements

  • Students seeking admission from the O level schools Transfer Certificate (TC) has to be submitted before the 2nd week of June and will join the school in September.

  • Students seeking admission from local Emirates (Sharjah) TC has to be attested from the previous school and other documents are same as mentioned above.
  • Students seeking admission from other Emirates (e.g. Dubai) TC has to be attested from the previous school and other documents are the same as mentioned above.
  • Students seeking admission from USA and European countries TC attestation not required for the students those are coming from USA, Canada, New Zealand and European Countries. They should have a letter from the school and the original mark sheet of the last exam written. Other documents are same as mentioned before.
  • Students seeking admission from any school in GCC and other countries. Transfer certificates to be submitted after the result of the final exam with attestation from the:  

           1.) Ministry of the Education of that country.   

           2.) UAE embassy in that country.    

           3.) Ministry of Foreign Affairs of that country.    

           4.) Indian embassy of that country.

  • Student seeking admission from India Students from India have to register with us and appear for an entrance exam when they arrive in the UAE, after completing the final exam of their year. At the time of registration, they should produce a copy of the latest report card with information form either the midterm or half-yearly exam.

Transfer certificate attestation


Transfer certificates to be submitted after the result of the final exam with attestation from the following:    

  • Mandatory attestation from either Ministry of Education or CBSE Board or District Education Officer.    
  • Attestation either from India (UAE Embassy and Ministry of Foreign Affairs) or from the UAE (Indian Consulate and Ministry of Foreign Affairs)


Report Card Submission

  • Along with the Transfer Certificates (TC), the attested Report cards should be submitted to the school.
  • No attestation of the report card is required for transfers within the Emirate of Sharjah.
  • Report card in Ministry of Education format required for transfers from any other Emirate to Sharjah.
  • Report Card to be attested same as TC for transfers from outside the UAE to Sharjah.

Admission Related Forms


Admission Form: We look forward to parents who are frank and honest in providing information in the admission application form. Our policy is not to refuse admissions on grounds of a student’s scholastic or behavioural challenges. Any such information would in fact help the school to create a suitable environment for your child, once admitted. Any wrong information or concealment of information discovered later may lead to cancellation of admission.


Acceptance Forms: At the time of becoming part of the Amity Sharjah experience, parents are required to sign forms accepting school rules, policies including school fee policies, giving consent for students to take part in all activities arranged and offered by the school. This includes all mandatory activities, participating in dance and drama and other stage activities, all sports activities, competitions, tournaments or festivals, trips and excursions, cultural visits to other schools.


Health Forms: Health and safety are our primary concerns for each individual. Parents are required to fill in the comprehensive health form, which becomes part of our medical record. The Ministry of Education ensures all children are vaccinated and our school doctor administers all vaccinations at the required time, so it is important for all parents to keep the school informed if they have already vaccinated their children.


All inoculation records and allergy conditions must be included in the form with detailed information. Parents must give up to date information in case their child has any special medical issues like asthma, allergies, diabetes. This information must be updated with the school every year.


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